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TRI Allegan: Why We Do What We Do

Allegan Sports

Sports and athletic offerings for students do a number of things. First, they offer great opportunities for students to build leadership skills and promote teamwork. They also provide activities that build memories that will last a lifetime.

With potential budget cuts to our schools, our athletic budget is in jeopardy of being cut; therefore, it is the mission of the Booster Club to assist where shortfalls may occur. What better fundraiser than a triathlon – raising money for athletic programs, encouraging the community to participate in fitness, and inviting our local athletes to either participate or volunteer for the event. We are expecting a very good turnout for this triathlon with many athletes and spectators attending.

Along with raising money to help support the Allegan sports efforts, it is our hope to also promote an active, healthy lifestyle for kids and adults in our community and the surrounding communities as well. With obesity as a prominent threat to our nation's overall health and well-being, we want to help guide people in ways that promote good eating habits and to give them information to educate them on living an active life at any age and to make a few friends along the way!

The Allegan All-Sports Booster Club is not just limited to parents. We welcome alumni and citizens and fans of Allegan Public Schools to join us as we support our athletes and their efforts, and in the process, help to promote a healthy life style through excerise and a sensible diet. The purpose of the Booster Club includes the following objectives:

  • To promote among parents, students, faculty, business people, and the general citizenry in the Allegan Public Schools District an interest in sports and sports activities.
  • To encourage and develop all student sport programs at the Allegan High School and L.E. White Middle School by improving and sustaining the spirit, fellowship, and knowledge among its members and the surrounding community in a cooperative and enthusiastic manner.
  • To discuss needs, problems, and projects of the Booster Club and Athletic Department with the authorized sports personnel in the Allegan Public Schools.
  • To initiate and support worthwhile fundraising for the sole purpose of enhancing the athletic programs sponsored by the Athletic Department.
  • To aid and abet the playing facilities.

We hope you'll join us in our effort to help make the already amazing community of Allegan an even greater place to live!

Inclement Weather
Race day conditions may require delay or cancellation of this event. We will do our best to notify racers in due time prior to the event if a cancellation does occur.